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Workshops & Masterclasses

We have a variety of workshops that you can take part in. Workshops run usually during the weekends so to keep updated with the workshops on offer it is best to visit our website regularly or give us a call to see what is happening! 



Our Masterclasses and Workshops are tailored for Tango enthusiasts who are interested to learn and enjoy this passionate dance in a personalized & intensive class and for dancers who are interested in a high-level training programme in a friendly, fun and supportive atmosphere. 

Sometimes there will be Masterclasses with Guest Teachers from Argentina.

Please note that to attend our Workshops and Masterclasses pre-registration is required.

You could make your payment in cash on the day of the workshop or in advance (if you want to get your Early Bird discount) by sending us an email to

We aim to build a Tango Community of Creativity and Cheerfulness in our SW20 community. Also, promote a well-rounded dance education, and introduce other Tango styles through our special Workshops and Masterclasses.

This is Laura's Signature Course:



Being the follower of this beautiful dance ( Argentine Tango ) requires concentration, self-awareness and a deep understanding of the dance structure to respond to the lead and take dynamic action in alignment with the music, so let's dive together into the feminine Tango expressions! 

 LDA Tango Progressive Approach Methodology​

  • 1st MClass: Fundamentals Followers Technique A

  • 2nd MClass: Fundamentals Followers Technique B

  • 3rd MClass: Fundamentals Followers Technique C

  • 4th MClass: Intermediates Followers Technique A

  • 5th MClass: Intermediates Followers Technique B

  • 6th MClass: Intermediates Followers Technique C

  • 7th MClass: Advanced Followers Technique A

  • 8th MClass: Advanced Followers Technique B

  • 9th MClass: Advanced Followers Technique C

  • 10th MClass: Musicality(Rhythm)and Choreography.

  • 11th MClass: Milonga Rhythm

  • 12th MClass: Tango Valz Rhythm

I like Laura's passion for Tango and her way to bring this enthusiasm to others. She shows immense attention to details and brings the best out of people but also shows where someone has to improve. Her technique workshops really helped to improve my Tango and my posture. And the classes are always fun and very relaxed"

Iris, London, 2014

Special Workshop taught by Laura accompanied by guest Teachers.

"Thank YOU and DEMIAN for the wonderful evening of tango!

I was so much inspired seeing you dancing with him. The beautiful images are still in my mind. Your posture, the elegance and naturalness of your movements are special! It was good to see you dancing with someone with matching qualities.

I could not believe my  luck that he also danced with me for a brief moment."

Lylli, London, 2015

Individual practice is as important as practicing with your dance partner, the dance will enhance when each person brings their individual work done!

" Laura is amazing and I was really lucky to work with her. She is a gem!".

   Edouard, London, 2011. Credit-Suisse Charity Ball.

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