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At LDA Tango London 

You will find dance tuition suitable for your needs and experience

I am passionate about helping others develop and elevate their tango skills and to guide them on how to improvise and flow on the dance floor.


LDA TANGO, Coaching Classes for small groups & Private Lessons, London, UK.

Please contact directly on +44 (0)7506259769 or via email 


If this is the dance that you've always wanted to try, start your Argentine Tango Journey with us and learn to dance and enjoy this beautiful dance. We will teach you how to get confident in your dance and to improvise on the dance floor.


We offer Workshops and Private Classes in Central London and in South West London.


Classes details

Our Private Classes are based in London and have been designed to give useful insights about Argentine Tango from technique to complex movements. You’ll be challenged to train deeply and develop your improvisation skills. After classes, we will provide you with practice space for you to dance with others who share your interest.


If you prefer to learn to dance in an Intensive and personalised course for a small group we can coach your sessions. With a wealth of experience in designing fun and engaging classes to suit each and every need. These sessions are designed and professionally taught. We take a personal interest in our students and we are committed to ensuring our students grow and progress during their course. Find more clicking on Coaching



LDA Tango Methodology: dance from within

Laura is a catalyst for understanding tango as a dialogue between the dancers, for being able to move comfortably and naturally as a dancing couple, for enjoying the rich, expressive music, for crisp and rhythmical footwork, and for sleek and sensual movements. Her teaching is not just about learning steps, it's about learning how to functionally move: how to improvise and dance from within. We encourage you to connect with your inner Tango world of emotions and feelings and dance through it. 

At LDA Tango we teach Argentine Tango with a modern focus. That means our teaching is rooted in the beautiful, pure style that has proved its worth over time on Buenos Aires dance floors. Nonetheless, we are also strikingly up-to-date in technique and looks, incorporating all the cutting-edge developments which continue to make this dance ever more fascinating. We encourage you to find your way to express and communicate through the Argentine Tango framework. 

LDA Tango School offers professional tuition in all styles of Argentine Tango from traditional to modern, such as Tango Salon, Tango Waltz, Milonga Lisa & Milonga with Traspie. We offer Special Workshops and Private Classes for all levels including basic training to survive your wedding dance, and dance professionals.


Please have a look to the                        page for further information. 



It is the improvised nature of Tango that fascinates me"

Erin Mannin






Laura performed & taught workshops and ongoing classes at Dance Attic, Wolfson College, Cambridge; King's College Dance Society, London; Imperial College Dance Society; Stardust Ball; Pavadita Tango Club; Negracha Tango Club; Nutango; Ffs Tango;  Corrientes Tango Club;  The Light Milonga; Argentine Embassy in London, La Linea Music Festival.



Creating new traditions

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