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Special Tutorials

With a wealth of experience in designing fun and engaging classes to suit each and every need, we offer Special Tutorials, for those who would like to learn or improve their dance in a group of friends. These tutorials can be made into regular weekly practice.


Coaching for Choreography

We offer tailor-made Tango choreographies. After this training, you will be able


  •  to perform a Tango in your special event.

  •  to explore and investigate further your own Tango dance style. 



Coaching for small groups if you have your own group of friends who which you practice regularly and you are looking for a tutor in your dance, we can coach your sessions with some new options, insides and reviewing of your technique, posture, and steps. 


If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us for further information in any of these unique tuitions. Please let us know by emailing us to or fill out the form below .

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"You always come from a class with Laura knowing that you are a better dancer then when you went in,

Her attention to detail and confidence building are second to none." 

Roger, London 2014

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