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Semi-Private Tango Classes

Semi-private classes are for those clients who would be interested in sharing the teacher in a group of up to 5 Couples.



If you have a small group of like-minded people with a similar level of interest and abilities this may be a fun way of getting personalised instruction whilst sharing the cost.

Your teacher will assess your needs in the first class and ensure your continued progress by tailoring the program for you.


This is an excellent option for those dancers who are looking to take an intensive training to improve and step-up in the level of their dancing.



Semi-private Tango Classes offer the next best option to a private class.


  • You will learn to dance in an intensive and personalised class.

  • You have the possibility to focus on personal interests, concerns and goals.

  • You will receive one to one feedback but you share the instructor with a small group.


Duration of the class: 1 hour 


Participants: minimum 2 couples, maximum 5 couples.


Please send us an email or sign up below and let us know about your desired dates/times ( please note these classes only run on Saturday afternoons, so places are limited). If places are not available we will keep you on our waiting list until availability.

Class details


For you to get a personalized experience, each course is for a group of up to 4 couples. Availability on Saturdays is subjected to demand. Places are limited.


These classes operate on a 4 weeks pre-booking to enable us to plan your class better. These classes can be made into regular monthly practice.


For information regarding course costs, dates available please send and email to



Terms and conditions

  • Pre-registration and full payment for the 4 weeks course are required in advance. 

  •  You must please let me know which classes/dates you cannot attend BEFORE the start of the course.  You will, therefore, be exempt from paying for those classes/dates. Once the course begins any classes missed, other than the ones arranged prior to the start of the course, you will still be charged for these classes. 



Bring comfortable clothing and Tango shoes or dance shoes

Previous experience of dance is not required. 

For couples only. 



Raynes Park, London

Easy walking distance from the Raynes Park train station.

Excellent wood floor to dance.


We look forward to teach you this beautiful dance! 

If you prefer to try a 1-1 private class before committing to a 4-week semi-private course or

If you have any enquiries, please address them to                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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