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What people say about our classes and special tutorials
Costumer Reviews

Introduction to Argentine Tango Short Courses (reviews)

 "Laura Julia de Altube is a wonderful teacher who has a great ability to show Tango-this very technical dance in a organically progressing way! There have been surprisingly good progressions shown in every student in even just one class! We have enjoyed this class. Thank you!"

Jing Jing, London 2024

"Manon & I just want to say Thank You.. for the lesson today. 

We both really enjoyed it and felt we would like to be able to continue, when it is possible to do so. We loved the approach you took... friendly, positive and so musical & clear in what we were to do."

Tim, London, 2024

 1 to 1 Students

“Following a 2-year break from tango, due to Covid, I needed a professional teacher who with a number of private lessons could bring my tango to a level where I can dance with confidence in a Milonga.

I believe that Laura is fulfilling this role very well by pre-dance exercises to improve my leg and torso movements, followed by practice tangos where I can revise known steps and figures and be told how I can improve them and by the teaching of new figures.

I find her both effective and patient and am pleased with my progress.

Thank you Laura!"

Alberto Bacchi-Andreoli. London 2023

'Argentine tango lessons with Laura are inspiring - and fun. We have had a few lessons from other teachers before, but never as technically focussed and precise. We love her approach to getting the basics right, as the building blocks for more challenging tango moves. She has great attention to detail and provides encouraging and specific feedback. We leave each session excited to practice what we have learned and are confident we can join a milonga with the good technique we now have.'

Jonathan and Theresa. London 2023

"Reviewing my experience of Laura’s teaching is best captured through a short exchange we had at the end of a class.

Me: Thank you Laura, I really feel more aware of my axis now, and it seems like I'm finally dancing from within.

Laura: Dance from within, you say?! Well, that’s exactly my slogan!

Me: Well, it says it all! I guess, I’m truly finding my core."

 Sidonie London 2023

"I have several tango teachers within five years of learning Argintine Tango and milonga. Laura is a fantastic professional teacher. She is an Argentinian and her methods and technique are unique. She is young and full of stamina. She is an excellent teacher"

Lorraine, London 2018

"Laura is an excellent teacher. if you want to learn the original Argentine tango, this is the place for you. I really enjoyed her class. You cant hide your mistakes from Laura. Her eyes are very sharp, she will pull up you up fast and correct you. Very good. The best Tango teacher in town"

  Ling, London, 2017

Thank you so much for your lesson back in December. You gave me very good advice about my back and the energy I need to use in giros. I think you are one of the most interesting dancers in the London tango scene.. Lilly 2014.

"Laura is the best tango teacher I've come across and also the most helpful." 

    Freddy, London, 2015

"Thank you so much for my recent private lessons in your beautiful, new Marylebone studio.The lessons were brilliant.  You very effectively identified and addressed the bad habits I had accumulated over the years and have inspired me to take a radical, fresh look at my dance.  I am totally invigorated! " 

   Roger, T., London, 2016

'I like Laura's passion for Tango and her way to bring this enthusiasm to others. She shows immense attention to details and brings the best out of people but also shows where someone has to improve. Her technique workshops really helped to improve my Tango and my posture. And the classes are always fun and very relaxed "

    Iris, London, 2014

"You always come from a class with Laura knowing that you are a better dancer then when you went in"

Her attention to detail and confidence building are second to none."

  Roger, London, 2014

“A miracle”, my Sydney tango teacher cried after I’d been learning with Laura de Altube in London for 3 months. “She’s performed a miracle on you."  

   Sue, a writer from Sydney, Australia, 2013

"Laura is a wonderful Tango teacher. She can spot how one can improve straight away and she utilises one's characteristics for improvisation remarkably." 

  Mieko Wertheim, Ballroom dancer, London, 2013

Workshops with Special Guests Teachers

"Thank YOU and DEMIAN for the wonderful evening of tango! I was so much inspired seeing you dancing with him. The beautiful images are still in my mind. Your posture, the elegance, and naturalness of your movements are special! It was good to see you dancing with someone with matching qualities.

I could not believe my  luck that he also danced with me for a brief moment."

   Lylli, London, 2015

Choreographies and Special Tutorials

" Laura is amazing and I was really lucky to work with her. She is a gem!".

   Edouard, London, 2011. Credit-Suisse Charity Ball.

"Congratulations on your show!  It was lovely seeing a creative tango performance, one that combined salon dancing, contemporary, and even a bit of burlesque!  Your costume sense is beautiful.  I also enjoyed the variety of music you used"
Kele, London, 2011

Wedding Dances

"Laura has given us many private classes on technique & also choreographed the first dance for our wedding. Laura is a fantastic teacher & an amazing dancer. We highly recommend Laura as a teacher!"

   Carley & Leo, London, 2013

Tango Events Organisers, Colleagues & projects Collaborators

"Wish I lived that way

You’re a fab teacher ,

I danced/ demo for you at Shrewsbury ( guy Willian’s) many years ago"

Jan Dancer, Shrewsbury, 2024.

An immense pleasure to work with Laura Julia De Altube. Tanguera de ley!

   Ivan Antonio Arandia, Negracha Tango Club, London, 2021.

"It was a pleasure to share with Laura rehearsals and classes. Laura was always very cool and creative to work with".

   Guillermo Torrens (dancer of Midnight Tango), London, 2015

"With Laura, we put together a different kind of project for what was happening in the tango scene in 2007 in Buenos Aires. "The Cambiazo" was a Practica that aimed to explore the other side of the ball so that both (followers and leaders) can understand the whole dance, enriching the knowledge of Tango. This Practica was pioneered in Buenos Aires. Currently, there are several who develop this type of exploration. Laura's energy, good attitude and her beautiful dance made this experience even more enriching. Glad to see my colleague and friend run her art world and I wish her well." 

   Florencia Kot Hansen, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2012

"I started tango 4/5 years ago where I met Laura and was struck by her alternative views and circumspect attitude to the dance, having experienced a great variety of teachers in London at the time. Confident, strong on reasoning, with a deep sense of the feminine were immediately noticeable attributes". 

  Bob Komar, Director at La Fabryka Film, London, 2012

"For sure Laura is the most talented dancer we have in the country, bursting with artistic energy and such fun!" 

  Eddie Nutango, Southampton, 2011, UK.

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