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Level Guide & Progression

Tango Level Guide

Level 1, Absolute Beginners ( 0-3 months)

For those with no experience.

You will learn the structural elements like changing weight, direction of the steps (forward, side to side, back steps)



Level 2, Confident Beginners (3-6 Months)

Classes include essencial Tango steps such as the Cross, Ochos & Squares.



Level 3, Improvers, (6 months)

It is the next level up from Beginners. For those with some experience and knowledge of the basics of Argentine Tango. Introduction to Giros (turns), etc.


Please note that 1, 2 and 3 levels, work with different vocabulary or sometimes with the same element in different complexity and with variation in the execution. Introduction to the rhythms patterns and musicality.



Level 4, Confident Improvers. (1 year)

For those with a reasonable knowledge. All the students who attend to 15-20 lessons are able to be in this group. 

This level offers the consolidations of the basics while linking musicality and a higher vocabulary of moves. Special attention in

navigation skills.


Level 5, Intermediates, (1-3 years)

For those with a good knowledge and experience, who wish to develop their skills.

Introduction to Tango Waltz and the Milonga Rhythms.


Level 6,  Advanced-Intermediates (Over 3 years)

These Classes covers complex tango steps, sequences and tools for improvisation, as well as Tango Waltz and Milonga styles. Musicality.



Level 7, Advanced dancers. ( Over 5 years).


All levels: Open to all students.





We encourage our students to explore and develop a deep understanding of Tango by combining Movement Analysis, with the practice of the different Tango Techniques and the Tango Structures in connection with the Tango Musicality. We motivate them to improvise and put in practice their new skills during the classes and in the Tango Clubs (Social dancing).

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